Ternate Beach Resort

Ternate Beach Resort – Hol Sulamadaha is one of the favourite tourism spots to the Maluku Residents, especially Ternate. Located on the eastern part of Ternate Island, Hol Sulamadaha located precisely at the far end of the Hol Sulamadaha Beach, and you can get there by foot, for about 10 minutes. But as the road to the place is quite fluctuative, some people chose to take a motorcycle to pass through.

Ternate Beach Resort : Hol Sulamadaha
Ternate Beach Resort : Hol Sulamadaha

You want to visit this place early in the morning, as the air is still fresh and there is still no visitors around.
In Hol Sulamadaha you will come across few fishermen boats, as the main source of income for the local residents is obtained from the sea. If you feel like it, you can also rent yourself a boat to take you to Hiri Island or Jikumalamo Beach which are located across the Sulamadaha Beach.
Visit Ternate and don’t miss the great experience of swimming in the Hol Sulamadaha water. There is no need for artificial waves, and in addition, you can also diving or simply snorkel around.

There’s another place you have to see, it is Tolire Lake that located after Sulamadaha.
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