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Some interesting place here and what to do:
You have to taste the delicious Gohu, Papeda, Pisang Mulut Bebek, Cakalang Fish and Guraka that will never be forgotten when you visit here.
Riding your bike around the island, feel the groove of the wind blow, watch the blue pacific ocean, watch the great Gamalama Mountain, or dive in deep blue of Hol Sulamadaha are experiences that you can not see in other places.
There is a lot of amazing place here that you can take selfie of yourself or groufie with your friends.


Another hidden paradise In Indonesia. A Volcanic Island surrounded by Pacific Ocean. Ternate is an exotic Island in the eastern part of Indonesia which has plenty of natural resources and tourism potential. The Island that also holds another name, the ‘Kie Raha’ or ‘The Center of Ascendancy’, located at the opposite side of Halmahera Island, Northern Mollucas, is renowned as the best Spices and Herbs producer throughout the world. Drawing quite some attention from international trade across the sailing line and Archipelago many years ago, with some of European countries fought for the domination of Ternate in the 13th Century, now Ternate isn’t just a remains from a historical kingdom with plenty of ancient sites, but it has developed into a structured city. With lights all over the city and well-structured roads connecting strategic points inside it, people will surely get interested to visit Ternate.

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